Salt Rose Yoga Co. services

Helping kids learn and grow through experiences


We offer a variety of yoga classes from ages 6-60! While we mostly focus on kids, we think yoga should be a family affair.

Classes use games, stories, music, activities, and crafts to teach not only poses but social emotional learning skills to build self-awareness, empathy, self-control, resiliancy and much more so kids can continue to grow into confident, fulfilled humans.


Camps allow us to fit more activities and learning in than we could in a regular yoga class. They allow us to demonstrate to kids the philosophy that “yoga” is not just poses, and how we can take the calm we get from our yoga classes and bring it into our daily life. 

Each camp has a theme with an aspect of emotional learning woven in. Through yoga, games, crafts, discussion, and activities – we teach kids strategies for staying calm and making positive choices for themselves and those around them. 

birthday parties & events

Let us take the stress out of your party planning – it’s kind of our thing! 

Birthday party/event services can range from a half hour class to a full day with yoga, games, crafts and more! We are happy to work together on themes and goals for your party or event.


Retreats are special events that focus on a certain theme. Examples are parent-child retreats, social media detox, positive self image, or a restorative retreat.

A retreat allows for more discussion, activities, and learning strategies than a class can provide.   

The difference between retreats and our camps is that the camps generally focus on kids 12 and under, whereas retreats are focused more on tweens/teens, adults, or the family as a whole. 

Yoga in Schools

Interested in having yoga brought into your school?

Yoga and mindfulness are a great fit in a school environment as it develops self awareness, focus, self regulation, and development of social emotional learning skills.

There are a variety of ways we can bring yoga into your school:

~classes during recess
~during learning or phys. ed
~professional learning days
~consultations on effective ways to incorporate social emotional learning in classrooms.
~yoga classes and relaxation techniques for staff

We are happy to work with you on a program or solution that fits your need and budget!

Private Sessions

Available online and in person, private sessions allow you to tailor the session to exactly what you need. 

Whether you are new to yoga and want to gain some confidence before joining a class, are recovering from an injury, or just want to book a session for your family on a specific day/time. Whatever the reason, we can work together to create a session fits your needs. 

Because of the “choose your own adventure” nature of the private session, it is impossible to list a set price for private sessions. Please contact me to discuss specific details and pricing. 

Have Questions?

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

You might also find the answer you are looking for in our FAQs. If you have not found an answer in the FAQ, please feel free to contact me.