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Due to the fact that I am currently in school full time, I am not offering regularly scheduled classes at this time. 

However, feel free to read the class descriptions below to get a sense of what classes are like and if you have a group already assembled that would like a weekly or regularly scheduled class please email me and we can work something out!

I am also still offering special events so check out the Retreats or Birthdays & Events pages to see if that suits your needs!

Yoga ages 5-8

Kids this age have to spend a lot of time sitting still when their bodies want to move. These classes allow and encourage movement and free play while still teaching self-management that can help them in their daily routine.

In these classes kids will be introduced to basic yoga poses and mindfulness through games, stories, and songs, allowing them to start to develop self control and awareness in a way that is fun and encouraging

Yoga ages 9-12

This is a period of huge change both physically and emotionally for kids. Developing the skills and language to recognize emotions as they arise allows kids to advocate for themselves and implement self care strategies to feel more in control of their emotions and behaviours.

In this age group we still explore poses and mindfulness in fun ways through games and stories, but add in discussions to give kids an opportunity to work through issues they are having and develop strategies to be able to manage emotions and stressors in their lives confidently

Yoga for Teens

These classes dive deeper into yoga pose alignment and philosophy. Each class includes a short “adult style” practice as well as discussions on yoga philosophy, social emotional learning, and how incorporating these into our daily lives can help students feel more balanced and happy.

With today’s use of social media, teens have added pressure to be constantly “on” or perfect. Device use also means kids never have to be “bored” and their nervous system and brain rarely get the break they need to process information properly which can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression.

Discussions in this class will teach teens the science behind their nervous system and brain function and why yoga and mindfulness is beneficial so they can make informed, positive decisions for themselves. 

Teens will learn how to recognize stress and emotions in their bodies and what strategies they can implement to feel calm, confident, and happy

grown Folks yoga

One of the best ways to care for your kids is to make sure you are taking good care of yourself! Kids model behaviours they see at home so practicing yoga is not only good for you, but will encourage your kids to practice as well!

These classes will help you shake off the stress of the week and find calm and balance you can carry off the mat and into your days. Take this time for yourself to help you relax and recharge.

Family Yoga

Family yoga allows families to spend time together being active, bonding, and learning strategies for incorporating mindfulness into their daily life. 

Classes include discussion, stories, partner yoga, games and competitions. 

Learning together allows the whole family to be on the same page with strategies and communication, in a way that is fun and promotes closer relationships.

Private Sessions

Available online and in person, private sessions allow you to tailor the session to exactly what you need. 

Whether you are new to yoga and want to get gain some confidence before joining a class, are recovering from an injury, or just want to book a session for your family on a specific day/time. Whatever the reason, we can work together to create a session fits your needs. 

Contact to discuss specific details and pricing. 

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