Birthday Parties & Events


Looking for something a little different for your next birthday party or event? 

There are lots of options that can be incorporated to make your event unique and fun. Whether you just want to add a yoga class in with your other activities, or have the whole party taken care of for you. The parties work great for any age, but I find these are an especially good option for the tween/teen age who still want to have a birthday party with friends, but are past the running around at a play place stage. 

Yoga and activities can be based on whatever theme you choose, but some popular options are: 


Activities can include making bath bombs, eye pillows, foot soaks, relaxing/restorative yoga, discussions on self care, or any combination you choose!


Focusing on what it means to be and have good friends is a huge part of kids’ lives. Learning and discussing together with the friend group helps get everyone on the same page and bonding together as well. Activities can include trust games, partner yoga, friendship bracelet making, photo frame/scrapbook crafts or any other things the friend group is into!


Art is very relaxing and mindful! The possibilities are almost endless on this one so projects are decided based on age and interest of the child. 

Yoga games & Storytime 

For smaller kids we keep it pretty simple with lots of fun games, short discussions, and stories to help teach concepts. Kids are invited to include their stuffies or toys in the fun and be silly while working on gross motor skills, self control and emotional skills.

Obstacle course/Minute to Win It 

For busy kids this is a great option that is fun and active, allows them to compete against each other, while still gaining the benefits of yoga and mindfulness!


Yoga and mindfulness are great compliments to athletics, with many professional teams incorporating them into their training routines. If you have a sports obsessed kid we can easily incorporate that into a class and activities while adding in yoga exercises that compliment and help them to be a better athlete, with education around why (muscle stability, flexibility, reduced injuries) and how breathwork and mindfulness can also help them keep their cool during the game and be a better player. 

Theses are just a few ideas that work well for kids. Meeting people where they’re at is the best way to introduce and incorporate yoga and mindfulness so whatever theme or idea you have, we can work together to make it a fun experience for everyone. 


Cost of the party or event will ultimately depend on what you decide to do and the scope of activities, but a general guide is:

1 hour yoga class only – $75

This includes travel to and from your house or event space and a one hour themed yoga class that will keep kids moving and using some energy. 

2 hour Themed Party – $200

This includes travel to and from your house or event space, themed yoga class, and activities/crafts including materials for 8-12 kids. This price is dependant on the actual theme and activities. For instance if its a basic craft or no real extra materials are needed, the cost would be less, or if you are going for a longer party with multiple crafts (some like to do a 3 hour spa with multiple activities) then it could be a little more. I’m committed to creating an event that is good value and fair for both parties so don’t hesitate to reach out and discuss budget and options that will work for you!

Aerial Yoga Party

An aerial Yoga party is a great way for kids (or adults!) to try out aerial yoga before committing to a full program.

You will learn the basics of aerial yoga, and depending on your goals you can opt to learn just a few tricks (usually involving swinging or hanging upside down) or  how the sling can support you in your yoga practice through strength, flexibility, and support in postures.

We always finish with a relaxation in the sling, but the option is also there to do a whole relaxing/restorative sequence in the sling (great for teens and adults)

The aerial session is typically one hour and can accommodate 6-9 people. If your event is a birthday party, a separate room for cake, presents, etc can be arranged.

All aerial sessions take place at Mindful Movements Studio in Belleville Ontario. Please contact for more information and pricing.